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Natural & Organic

Taslie Skin Care Ltd. takes great care to create products that are gentle on even the most delicate skin. Children’s developing organs are more vulnerable to damage from chemical exposure. All of our products are biodegradable and specially formulated to cleanse and moisturize with natural and organic ingredients. Taslie Skin Care products can help newborn to adults with skin sensitivities, learn more HERE.

We ❤️ Nature!

Our bottles use PET recyclable plastics which we will be combining with ECOSPACK produced by Adairo Distribution,  Inc. This is the first step towards a cleaner environment.  ECOSPACK is biodegradable plastic packaging made with an organic-based biodegradable additive. This packaging has an indefinite shelf life until placed in an active microbial environment, such as a landfill. The biodegradable plastics will totally biodegrade within 1-5 years in a landfill environment compared to decades or even centuries.

Save the turtles

Canadian waters are home to seasonal populations of endangered leatherback and loggerhead sea turtles. In fact, waters off Atlantic Canada are among the most important in the world for leatherbacks. These tropical turtles come here from their nesting grounds in Central and South America to feed and grow fat on jellyfish. Kathleen Martin Executive Director, Canadian Sea Turtle Network   Taslie Skin Care has teamed up with The Canadian Sea Turtle Network. Our Turtle bottle helps young children understand conscious consumption with a portion of sales donated to conserve endangered sea turtles.

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“For the last 2 decades I have spent many many hours enlightening myself to the dangers of most personal care products that line the retail shelves. Therefore I have been extremely diligent when it comes to what I purchase to rub onto my body on a daily basis (shampoo & soap). With the birth of my first boy, this passion for clean living was taken to deeper depths. As a protector for my little man and family I vowed only the best products would pass through our doors and make their way to the cells of our bodies. Taslie head to toe is something the whole family uses. Hands down, this is a great product and a great company.”
Dr. Spence Pentland

TCM, FABORM, Vancouver BC

“We are loving your products-They are so lovely!”
Dr. Corrine Dawson, ND

Integrated Health Clinic

“I recently had surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from my Purotid gland, ( located On my face and neck) after surgery I underwent 33 radiation sessions. The last thing I wanted was to subject my skin to chemical ladened hygiene products! The Taslie shampoo and skin lotion have been amazing! My skin is beyond damaged from radiation and when I wash my hair there is zero irritation from the shampoo and the lotion is so soothing on the burns on my face and neck! I am so thankful for finding these amazing products. Keep up the great work.”

Louise Ashton

Facebook Review

“I LOVE Taslie products for my babies and for my friends’ babies! Taslie makes the best baby shower gift and I’m secretly using the lotion for myself too!! 🙂 It’s been a wonderful discovery to keep my little ones skin happy and healthy!”

Jill Marie Calitz

Facebook Review

“As a naturopathic physician who works with both women and children, I see a myriad of skin complaints in my practice on a regular basis.  The skin is the largest organ in the human body, therefore, it is very important that quality skin care products are used on it.  Despite the plethora of skin care products on the market  today, few of these actually contain 100% pure ingredients; Taslie happens to be one of these few.  My choice of using Taslie products on my own skin is a testament to their quality.””
Dr. Sarah Sjovold, ND

Family Health and Midwifery Clinic

“We love Taslie’s combination of natural ingredients and very cute packaging. The children at our clinic just love the turtle soap!”
Dr. Julie Durnan, ND

Pacifica Naturopathic Clinic

“LOVE Taslie’s natural head to toe body wash for my girls. Their hair gets so tangled and I appreciate that this product does double duty as a body wash and shampoo – it’s all we need and makes bath time fun for them and quick for me! And we all have sensitive skin, so the fact that it’s hypo-allergenic and PH Balanced is a life saver.”

Angela Baxter Santoro

Facebook Review

“I have been using Taslie products for over 8 years. All three of my babies had sensitive skin and taslie was honestly the only product that would not cause any irritation. I still use taslie products daily and I love them all, but the head to toe wash and the lotion are my faves!!! Such amazing products, I recommend taslie to everyone I know with little ones ?”

Stacey Sande Armstrong

Facebook Review

More Testimonials

“Head to Toe Wash by Taslie, has the cutest eco-friendly packaging we have ever seen!! This is a great product  for babies and children, it is gentle, completely safe & natural, yet still gives plenty of bubbles for lots clean fun. No more bath time tantrums once your child sees this happy little turtle!” Living Safe (Australia)
Must Have: Natural Hippo Cheeky Bum Spray & Cleanser, with its fruity scent of grapefruit and mandarin essential oil, is perfect to gently cleanse the most sensitive skin in between diaper changes. Perfect for newborns when bathing every day is not essential.” Lussobaby
“Although I am a long-time fan of Taslie Skin Care, I recently got to put their Head to Toe Wash to the ultimate test: Was it really tear-free?” Chic to Cheek
“I bought some Taslie products for my friend’s new baby, but loved the scent of the lemon vanilla conditioner. I just couldn’t resist getting some for myself. I have long hair that can get tangle, dry/frizzy – but the natural products used in the conditioner made my hair so soft and silky, not to mention the conditioner was nice and light weight so my hair held its style all day. I would recommend Taslie to anyone and have!” LuLu Lash
“All products I received for review are wonderful and I can not even say which is my favourite.” Organic Girl
“Can’t say enough good things about their product line. If you are looking for a change from your everyday bath time regime and want a healthy alternative for your baby, use Taslie Skin Care.. ” Little Bambino
“I love these products, be sure to give them a try!” Kids Vancouver
“We’ve tested their L’Enfant Lemon Crème Moisturizing Conditioner which left our kids’ hair silky and easy-to-comb without weighing it down” YoyoMama
“My boys absolutely loved the Head to Toe Body Wash and Moisturizing Lotion not just because of how soft their skin felt but because of the fun frog bottles. My favorite was the L’enfant Lemon Creme Moisturizing Lotion. Their hair smelled so yummy and soft. I can’t wait until I can use Taslie on my new baby.” Forever and Always
“Eco-conscious Canadian mum Tami Main knew the best thing for children was earth friendly skincare, no nasty chemicals just loads of natural, safe ingredients to nurture and sustain.” Growing Up Green
“This lotion made Zoe’s body soft and smelling oh so yummy. She walked around saying MMM…Mommy Yummy. Again, this has organic blends of of marigold and chamomile. And with a light scent of vanilla and mandarin essential oils. I love this line of products. Gentle enough for the delicate of all skin types.” KiddiesCorner Deals
“Frustrated by low-quality skin care products that didn’t deliver what they promised, Tami Main recently created Taslie Skin Care Ltd., a line of natural skin care products that are truthfully advertised and safe for children.” Chic Galleria

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