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Chemical Free Magic Washing Balls




Is chemical laundry detergent causing allergies and skin sensitivities for your family? The MagicEra Washing Ball is an environmentally friendly alternative to washing your laundry with NO chemical detergent.

  • Washing Balls are made of 83 types of natural mineral soil and rocks.
  • Does not contain surfactant, flourescent dyes and phosphates.
  • Has an antibiotic effect. It eliminates mold, pathogenic organisms, and unpleasant odors.
  • It is not necessary to add bleaching agents, fabric softener, and other washing additives.
  • No breakdown in the tensile strength of your fabric from harsh petrochemicals including chlorine.
  • There is NO tangled results among your laundry which prevents possible clothing damage.
  • No extra rinses cycle is necessary because there are NO chemicals to rinse out. This could save 20-40 gallons of water and delectricity with every wash load.
  • Can be used in front or top-loader washers
  • Washing Balls are effective for 3 years based on once-a-day usage

Since the Washing Ball does not contain any chemical detergent, there is no remaining residue in the clothing which can cause skin sensitivities for those who may be allergic or irritated by residues that detergent leave behind in clothes after washing.