[Review] Peanut Butter and Whine - Taslie's Skin Care Ltd.

“This is another of those “brilliant! Where have you been hiding all this time?” products!

Natural Cheeky Bum wash is all natural, plant based product I sprayed on Baby Alice’s tushy every diaper change. Alice is a little chunky monkey so she has lots of cute adorable folds.
(ONLY a baby can get away with any type of body folds being cute and adorable!!) As a result of those cute little folds Alice gets red and irritated in those folds and Natural Cheeky Bum Wash made a huge difference starting the first day we used Bum Wash.

The spray bottle is cute! (Not to mention Recyclable & Biodegradable!)

Cheeky bum wash

What a brilliant idea! I don’t know about your house but my diaper changing table is no where near water. The spray bottle is super convenient. The ingredients are super comforting! I had a fresh cut on my hand and wanted to be sure nothing would sting Alice’s little tushy and the bum spray actually made the cut feel better! The scent is divine!! Harper Hippo smells like a fresh grapefruit!!”

– Peanut Butter and Whine